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Our company produces high quality building materials. All our products are made from a blend created by mixing recycled plastics and washed sand at a controlled temperature. After molding and cooling down, the blend produces a durable homogeneous material.
Advantages of our products
High durability
All our products are durable, resistant to impact, abrasion, and breakage in transportation.
Frost resistance
The structure remains intact in temperatures ranging from -50° to +70° Celsius (-58° to +158° Fahrenheit).
Water resistance
Our products don’t leak or absorb water, are easy to clean and are resistant to salt deposits and icing.
Resistance to acids
The materials are resistant to aggressive chemicals, and are suitable for use in contact with acids, oil products and grease.
The plastics used are food safe and harmless to humans.
Geometric forms and low weight make the process of installation quick and easy.
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